The Olympian

Pain is a thief. It will rob your performance. It will steal your dreams. It will take away your quality of life. Why are you letting painful, tight muscles and joints keep you from being everything you know you could be? We can put a stop to it.

The Olympian is a straight forward treatment that uses several very effective techniques to get you moving, feeling, and living the way you should ASAP! This is not your average massage. You will usually wear gym attire, shorts for men, shorts and a sports bra for women. We will go directly to the areas holding you up and restore them to a level of function that benefits you instead of hindering you. This will get you to the next level!

  • Customized to your needs and goals
  • Combines Deep Tissue, Triggerpoint, and Fascial Stretching
  • Reduces Pain
  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Gain that Competitive Edge you’ve been looking for