The Vintage

The classic Swedish Massage. Check out for a while as the long sweeping strokes, methodical kneading, and rhythmic percussion coax the tension out of your body, allowing you to experience true relaxation from head to toe. It may seem indulgent, and it is. But, don’t underestimate the capabilities of this treatment. It can still hit those tight spots and unwind those knots while you are adrift in your happy place.

This is how most people envision massage. The soothing background music, hot towels, aromatherapy, everything purpose built for total relaxation and the eradication of stress.

This treatment can also be customized to include Deep Tissue massage to address tight painful muscles, or Prenatal massage for the unique issues that occur during pregnancy.

  • Relaxation
  • Stress Relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Aromatherpy
  • Prenatal Treatment
  • Increased Quality of Life