Zen Bodytherapy

All of the effort in the world will not produce the desired results without proper form. In fact, continuing to pour effort into poor alignment and inefficient movement patterns can lead to a decrease in performance, as well as an increase in potential for injury. We can improve your alignment, establish more efficient patterns of movement, reestablish mind body connection and awareness, and improve your quality of life.

There are ten sessions of Zen-bodytherapy. In the session the bodies segments are systematically realigned, organised and balanced in relation to themselves and the earth’s field of gravity. Gravity acts upon us every moment of the day and according to how are bodies are aligned, it either assists us or weighs us down. A body that is well vertically aligned within its field has to exert far less effort of its postural muscles and reflexes. Not having to fight gravity to stand vertically, helps free us to be just what we are.

During the ten sessions the natural form of the body is released from pain, aberrations and discomfort caused by physical, psychological and chemical trauma. This is achieved through deep manual pressure which helps release and rejuvenate the tissues. As the connective tissues release, more space and possibilities for the natural flow of movement occur in the body. The connective tissue and the vital organs then get a better supply of blood, lymph and nerve energy which automatically improves function.

To amplify the effects of the “hands on” work there are 10 custom built lessons in body awareness that correlate with each session. In this aspect of the work Dr Moshe Feldenkrais’ influence and methods come into play. The lessons consist of infinitesimally small, slow mindful movements that are designed to fill the gaps in bodily awareness. The gaps in our bodily awareness are the parts of the body that we cannot feel, and what we cannot feel we have no control over. The parts we have no control over are the parts we lose; to pain, stiffness, numbness and self-limitation. The lessons teach the nervous system new possibilities for movement. It is the nervous system that instructs the movement of muscles and the muscles then move the bones.

The people who seem to get the most from the work are the people who are ready for change and able to be actively engaged in its process. If you would like more information, click the “Request Consultation” button to discuss becoming the person you were meant to be.

  • Removal of pain, stress, trauma, and energy blocks from the connective tissue of the body
  • Organize, balance, and align the human structure within itself
  • Have the vital energy circulate freely and unobstructed throughout the body
  • Efficient movement = Increased Performance with Decreased Effort
  • Free your Body, Free your Mind, Free your Life!
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